About Us

James Varelas started Mino’s Roast Beef way back in 1975. From the very beginning, Mino’s stressed quality & quantity at a good price.

With these objectives in mind, Mino’s Roast Beef has consistently produced roast beef and other sandwiches worth making a special trip to Mino’s.

Roast beef at Mino’s is all CHOICE BEEF and is trimmed and prepared to make your roast beef the best roast beef sandwich. Compare Mino’s roast beef and you can’t help be impressed with the consistent quality. 

The specialties and/or side orders at Mino’s are excellent. Mino’s onion rings are worth going to Mino’s just for them alone.  

Compare Mino’s Roast Beef to the competition for Quality, Quantity, Consistency, and Price, and you’ll become a Mino’s customer too.

About Us

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